Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Conan pencils

Here's another page from that same unfinished comic.
These pages got stained somehow.


Weirdo said...

These are great pencils. Why did this go unfinished?

Bob Camp said...

Hi Weirdo,
Politics within Marvel mostly but it's probably better that I not go into that.

I started inking and doing pinups and covers full time after this and was much happier.

Brothergrimm said...

Great pencils, I love the fast-motion scene--and you're right about what you mentioned a couple posts down, not being able to hide bad drawing under lots of rendering. I think that makes it a good test of drawing skills.
On the opposite side of the coin, I like seeing the fast & loose quality pencils can offer, which can easily show off the artist's personal style (Joe Kubert's Yossel, for example).

Weirdo said...

Hey Bob, what other books did you work on at Marvel? I know you worked on Crazy, and what you have posted here, but not much here.

BTW, will you be posting any work from Crazy? I just love your comic book art.

David DeGrand said...

Man these are fantastic! Just to make me happy you need to ink these pages and let us all bask in the awesomeness!

Bob Camp said...

Hi Brogrimm,
Yeah I agree. I love a fast loose style. Kubert is the king of that. Do you know Jordi Bernet's work?
He draws better than almost anybody. Like a cross between Kubert and Toth (See Torpedo). Nice loose confident inking too.

Hey Weirdo,

You know I lost all of the originals from Crazy. I posted a Blade Runner parody a while back tho'.

Thanks David,
You're too nice.