Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Buscema pencils My inks

Here's a splash page I inked over Buscema.
I remember every time I got a job of John's to ink I would just stare at his pencils which were very simple but beautiful and perfect and think how I was going to attempt to do them justice. Again less is more.
One of the two times I actually met JB he said "Oh you're that kid that inks like Sal"
I was blown away by this because somebody told me that John's fave inker was his brother Sal so I tried to ink like Sal.


Michael Swofford said...

I've seen Buscema's pencils buried under a lot of forced, rigid inking (especially on Conan), but yours is one of the best, man. Nice soft, loose and organic, but totally knowledgeable about the underlying form adn overall design. Reminds me of the best Giacoia work on Silver Surfer. Great sense of openess. You got the touch!

Weirdo said...

Great work. The scene is very easy to read.

Brothergrimm said...

I like the simpler approach. Like Weirdo said, it's easier to read. I actually prefer black & white to color, so I think these pages are really cool.

Kevin said...

Is that the same George Roussos that colored this stuff that drew for EC comics way back when?

Great stuff Bob.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Michael,

By the way I really love your paintings and portraits. You know I started out as a portrait painter and caricature artist.

Thanks for the nice critique. You know when I was working at Marvel doing art corrections I was sitting next to Frank Giacoia and talking to him a lot. Lots of influence there for sure.

Thanks Weirdo.

Hi Bro-Grimm,

Thanks, I agree. Simple is really hard tho' because you can't hide bad drawing under lots of rendering.

Hi Kevin,


Yeah same George Roussos. Quite a character. I had to share an office with him for a long time.
I could tell you stories...

Knotty_Dredd said...

I like really your ink upon bucema, cos your ink is very simple, that's why i like it..