Thursday, August 6, 2009

Conan Pin-Up

At the point I did this I was really exploring ways to illustrate with brush, pen and ink.
I had been looking at the work of Franklin Booth.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nam art

This is the last art I ever did for Marvel right before I moved to
LA and dove into the animation business full time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conan the Barbarian 160 cover

Here is a cover I did for a Conan issue which I also penciled.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Conan splash page

This is the splash page for a Conan issue I started but never finished. It ended up as an ad for Conan. My pencils and inks.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Savage Tales cover

This is a painting I did for Larry Hama on Savage Tales.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Conan the Destroyer covers.

Here are both covers I did for the 2 part movie adaptation for the film. I inked the second issue also. I have the original for # 2 and posted it before. You may notice the large stupid afro on Grace's head on issue one. They added that because they disn't have the right to reproduce her likeness and they thought it looked too much like her, so they gave her the balck basket ball hairdo.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Marvel Reunion Planning Blog

OK, here is a place for everybody to throw in their ideas
and help with the up coming (April?) Marvel Reunion party.
Rick Parker posted a comic page Mark had done about Jack Abel and
the Ham Sandwich and it got a big response from a lot of Marvel alumni.

So the group we are looking at now are people that worked for Marvel
while at the Madison Ave and the Park Ave offices

Monday, February 23, 2009

Marvel Comics Cutaway

Eliot Brown was kind enough to put names with these faces. A couple of them aren't identified yet. If anybody knows who they are please let me know!
1.Klaus Jansen, freelance artist
2.Darlene Cole, receptionist.
3. Walt Simonson freelance artist/creator
4.George Roussos, on-staff colorist from the mists of time
5.Ron Fontes, Art Director (Sol’s Licensing Dept.)
6.Sol Brodsky, Overlord, Licensing Department also from the swirling mists of time
7.Terry Austin, freelance inker
8.Martha Conway, Sol’s secretary (formerly Stan’s)
9.John Romita, Sr. (don’t know what he’s done)
10.Marie Severin, Staff Artist and major talent
11.Archie Goodwin, Editor Epic Magazine. Freelance writer/creator. Former Editor In Chief, Marvel
12.Jo Duffy, Associate Editor, Epic Magazine/writer
13.Morrie Kuramoto, The Ancient One--Very Senior Staff Paste-Up Worker
14.Deb Pedlar, freelance paste-up artist and cute as a bug’s ear
15.Ron Wilson, freelance penciler/creator
16.Bob (“Why Not Cash”) Wiacek, freelance artist/creator
17.Ron Feduniewitz (not sure about the spelling), hard working production artist for sol Brodsky's dept.
18.Gary Halgren, freelance artist/creator
19.Robbie Carosella, Stat Camera operator
20.Harry Candelario, Stat Camera operator, junior grade. Someday freelance inker
21.Stu Schwartzberg, Senior Stat Camera operator, grimly funny man from the mists of time
22.Denys Cowan, freelance artist
23.Nancy Dodaro, typesetter operator
24.Vinnie Colletta, freelance inker
25.Dave Simons, freelance artist
26.John Tartaglione, Staff Correction Artist (inker of Master of Kung Fu)
27.Rick Parker, Staff Lettering Correction Artist (someday freelance creator/artist)
28.Jack “Squid” Morelli, Staff Lettering Correction Artist (someday creator/writer)
29.Jack Abel, Two-Fisted Proofreader, freelance artist from the swirling mists of time
30.Kenny Lopez, Staff Lettering Correction Artist
31.The One, The Only—Chris Claremont, freelance writer/creator
32.Jim Starlin, freelance creator/artist
33.Barry “The Shap” Shapiro, Staff Paste-Up Artist
34.Joe Albelo, Staff Bullpen Artist (includes all function)
35.Milt “Shiftless” Schiffman, Printer Liaison from the mists of time
36.John Romita, Jr., freelance artist/creator
37.Bob Layton, freelance artist
38.Ron Zalme, Cover Production Artist
39.Paul Becton, King-Size Staff Color Correction Artist
40.Virginia Romita, Traffic Director and all-round source of joy and wonder
41.John Byrne, freelance artist/creator
42.John Buscema, freelance artist (artist’s artist)
43.Unknown secretarial assistant
44.Ed Hannigan, freelance artist, cover concept specialist
45.Michael Z. Hobson, Group Vice-President, Publishing (even he didn’t know what that meant)
46.Michael Higgins, asst ed. Well-known letterer/artist
47.Bob Budiansky, Editor. Freelance artist/writer/creator
48.Al Milgrom, Editor. Freelance inker/creator
49.(Eliot Brown think it’s) Brent Anderson, freelance artist (Bob Camp thinks it’s) Carl Potts, freelance artist in 1983 (but Carl didn’t visit the office much before he came on-staff as an editor)
50.Anne Nocenti, asst. ed. Someday writer/creator and Editor.
51.Lynn Cohen, Executive Secretary (blindingly funny caricature)
52.James Shooter, Editor In Chief. Writer, Creator, Storyteller
53.Eliot R. Brown, asst. ed. Tech Artist specialist, someday writer/creator.
54. Tom DeFalco, The Man With No Face. Editor. Freelance writer/creator, someday Editor In Chief, Marvel
55.Mike Carlin, asst. ed. Freelance writer/too-infrequent artist, someday Editor In Chief of DC Comics
56.Mark Gruenwald, Editor. Freelance writer/creator.
57.Joe Rubinstein, freelance inker. Secretly, an extraordinarily good fine arts painter.
58.Danny Crespi, Bullpen Production Manager. Freelance lettering artist from the swirling mists of time
59.Denny O’Neill, Editor. Freelance writer/creator (“There Is No Crime In Crime Alley”)
60.Linda Florio, asst. ed. Freelance writer. Someday married to Steve Grant.
61.Ralph Macchio, Editor, Tennis Bum
62.Bob Harras, asst. ed. Tennis Bum, someday Editor In Chief, Marvel
63.Ernie Chan, freelance inker/artist
64.Bob Camp, hang-dog freelance artist/creator. Former Staff Correction Artist.
65.James Owsley (now Chris Priest; don’t ask), asst. ed. Freelance writer/creator
66.Unknown freelancer
67.Louise “Weezie” Jones, Editor, someday freelance writer/creator
68.Danny Fingeroth, asst. ed. Freelance writer/creator. “The moving Finger writes, and having writ, moves on…”
69.Larry Hama, Editor. Freelance writer/creator. Holding a .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson N-Frame Revolver with a 6” barrel, FBI-tuned action/trigger group. Silk matte blue finish.
70.Herb Trimpe, freelance artist/creator, about to start another strafing run with his Stearman bi-plane.

Marvel Comics Offices
387 Park Avenue South, Manhattan
1981—1993 (?)
Rendered by Bob Camp, 1983

This is a 2 page spread I did for Marvel Age back in 1983.
It features most of the people that worked there and a lot of artists wandering around too. I know I didn't get everybody but I couldn't take photos of everybody.
Use the numbers to identify your fave bullpen folks!