Friday, June 19, 2009

Savage Tales cover

This is a painting I did for Larry Hama on Savage Tales.


Weirdo said...

Boy, what a way to go.

Awesome cover. Looks like a seventies metal album cover.

Vincent Waller said...

Oh man, I miss them cowboy boots.
My subtle way of saying That's my foot, in the Foreground, thats my foot!
Always one of my favorites of your paintings Bob. If talent was money you would be a billionaire.

:: smo :: said...

wow this is amazing! i love how you can make such a realistic rendering and still have a caricatured style happening at the same time! suh-weet!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Weirdo,
Yeah i wanted to get a rock and roll feel.

Yeah Vincent,
You are being too nice now!
There is some of everybody in that painting. I think Patty has it now.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks smo!

Brothergrimm said...

chicks n' guns...does it ever get old?...nope.

M. D. Cachuela said...

that is so ahead of it's time.

Bob Camp said...

No, Brogrimm, it doesn't!

Thank you Mike!