Friday, February 27, 2009

Marvel Reunion Planning Blog

OK, here is a place for everybody to throw in their ideas
and help with the up coming (April?) Marvel Reunion party.
Rick Parker posted a comic page Mark had done about Jack Abel and
the Ham Sandwich and it got a big response from a lot of Marvel alumni.

So the group we are looking at now are people that worked for Marvel
while at the Madison Ave and the Park Ave offices


Gary said...

Super! I think a reunion like this is probably long overdue. It would be great if we could get a massive gathering for something like this... I just hope there's enough advance notice once things are concrete for those of us scattered across the land to be able to plan to make it. :)

-- Gary B.

Steve Buccellato said...

What Gary said! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art will be having it annual Art Fest at the
69th Regiment Armory on Lexington and 25th Street, June 6th and
7th. Why not schedule the Reunion then? It's right in the old Marvel neighborhood, and for those considering coming from out of town, it's something else to entertain them while they're back in NYC -- not that there's a shortage of interesting things in NYC.
I'm just saying...

Martha Thomases said...

@Jim: Can we do both? Get together in April and June?

Anonymous said...

With all the holidays in the first half of April, late April or sometime in May would probably be better for a lot of people. Of course, we could always hav that comic book seder everyone's been wishing for...! --Danny Fingeroth

Bob Camp said...

Hi Gary and Steve
Stay tuned for notices!

Hey Jim,
That sounds like something to look into but I'd like to get this thing on it's feet sooner while there is some interest.

Hey Danny, Late April works for me.

Gary said...

Just a few thoughts:

Maybe someone can make a general announcement on facebook? Make it all sort of "official" you know?

I like Jim's idea of June, but I suspect that if you try to do one in late April, and then another in June, at least one of them will come up short on attendance, and I think the coolest thing would be to have as many people as possible all at one. I'll do my best to make it whenever it's scheduled, but I think (obviously for us out-of-towners) the more time to plan the better.

On one hand, "strike while the iron is hot" they say. But back on the other hand, I don't think this is an iron which will get very cold... In fact, as more people "come out of hiding" and turn up on facebook, etc., it could get even hotter...

Maybe we should do a poll to see how many people would be able/willing to come and when. If more people will commit to a certain date, maybe shoot for that date?

-- Gary B.

arbco said...

Well, in order for this to happen, it will require at least one person to step forward and take the responsibility to organize it, find a venue, secure financing (deposit, etc) and shoulder a large burden of aggravation (and out of pocket expense) for which the reward will be niggling criticism, outright hostility and a profound lack of gratitude. Don't everybody raise their hand at once, now...
Larry H.

erbrown said...

As nof Saturday morning, 3/28, Stan has sweetly declined attending, Cahterine and Sara have said they will come, we have moved the date back to June (to allow any international attendees more time), I am working on a nice venue on 14th St in Manhattan. But it will cost real money, you guys. So get ready for a cover charge. This may get cruditees and a cash bar. But we'll be indoors.
More info to come.

erbrown said...

A point of clarification-- this is, at best, a COMBINED "Marvel Reunion" and a Mark Gruenwald Tribute Gathering.

This started life on the Gru Tribure page on Facebook and that's what it still is for me. So keep that in mind when you make your travel plans and write out checks, notify tax accountants, etc.

This is also to allow Sara G., who was not able to attend the first big memorial, to attend another try at it.

Peter Sanderson said...

Glad I found out about this. As organizer of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's tribute to Mark on the tenth anniversary of his passing, I'll be happy to help out with this one however I can.--Peter Sanderson

annie said...

These days so many restaurants have empty nights I'd think it easy to book a spot for free and they'll be happy for the bar and bar food biz. So, wherever you live (NYC I assume?) look for empty restaurants and just go in an ask. but what do I know.

erbrown said...

Sorryy Annie-- there may be as many as 100-200 people-- both bullpens (575 & 387) plus freelancers! I think we need a more dedicated space. Unless you know of a specific place! Here's where to post it.

Renee Witterstaetter said...

ll be there whenever it is? Have we set a date yet. Beginning of June is great for me. April weekends are filled up with conventions. Let me know and I'll do my best. I want to be there.

Renee Witterstaetter said...

We could check also with the Society of Illustrators. Being a member there, I know we can host a 2 hour party for $15-$20 a head. That includes light snacks and an open bar for the 2 hours. After the two hours you just pay for any additional drinks.

Renee Witterstaetter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renee Witterstaetter said...

Of course, we can look into MoCCA too? Would they charge anything for the space? I can help setting up the event on the night of, etc. if you need my help.

Another idea would be Illustration House. They probably would not charge for the space, we'd be surrounding by great art, and we can supply our own wine and cheese.

Okay. Now I've posted 3 times. I'll stop for awhile. LOL

But, that's 3 possible venues. If anyone wants to e-mail me:

Steve Buccellato said...

I'm really jazzed about all the chatter going on here. A combined Gruenwald/Marvel Reunion sounds just right. Doing it at MOCCA or the Society of Illustrators, too. Frankly any venue that can handle the group would be great (is the Abbey Tavern still around? Can we hijack that place for a night?)

For me, and probably most out-of-towners, the crucial thing is picking a solid date, and getting enough notice to make plans in advance. Airfares are pretty good right now, but it's April already, so I, for one, am not for throwing it together TOO soon.

In any case, if someone would pick a solid date, I'd be more than happy to pay my $20 bucks, or whatever, to help secure a venue.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Wiessmuller said...

Accept someone from the Uk office to tag along?

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Does this reunion include us lowly freelancers as well? I worked out of the Madison Ave office, but never really "in" it per se.

Howard Mackie said...

This is very exciting, but we should make sure we get the word out to those beyond Facebook. I have already contacted Bob Harras, Terry Kavanagh, and Tom DeFalco. Do we want to get the word to Mike Hobson and Joe Calamari? Should we invite Ski-- even though he BACK at marvel he was there for part of the time. What about Allison Gill and Robin Brosterman? I think I can get in touch with them.

D.G. Chichester said...

Saw Mr. Brown's Facebook admonishment -- sounds like a blast. Count me and my cover charge in. Bucce, I think you should plan for that Freelancer world wide re-premiere. ;-)

- Dan Chichester

erbrown said...

Okay! this is better. I'm for the Soc. of Illos-- but can they handle over 100 people? I don't remember that space being that big. According to Salicrup, MoCCA was not really interested -- they have something going on already in mid-April. It wasn't exactly the warm welcome I hoped for.
So far, Soc. Of I. sounds quite good. The place I'm investigating has not gotten back as of April 2-- but it's bound to be nice. I was thinking of some of the older people, like the Romitas and such, with a nice place to sit down.
Ski? Of course, you bozo! Ski was around from the early 80s. I want to find Hobson and Galton, damn me!

Freelancers are welcome too! Anyone who can afford to come, should.

Howard Mackie said...

E... we can easily get word to Hobson through Tom D... and I assume he can get to Galton. I will contact Ski.

Steve Buccellato said...

Saw Elliot's facebook message to weigh in on what day of the week is best. Elliot says Sunday afternoon/evening. I am flexible (assuming I can even fly out there) I'm more concerned with what WEEK, rather than what day.

Saturday seems to make more sense to me, in case people need to commute a long way, stay overnight, or get to work Monday morning. especially if we think it might go LATE into the evening.

But if not, or if we get an early start, Sunday would probably work. (WHICH Sunday are you thinking of, Elliot?)

Marc Siry said...

Just saw Elliot's note on Facebook. I'm up for wherever, whenever, at whatever cost. Hope that helps.

erbrown said...

Any "Sunday" is all about this one place on 14th St. I'm investigating-- nothing carved in stone!

Whatever happens should be early in June, right? I don't have a calendar in front of me. But first or second week latest.

If the Soc. of Illos looks better-- then any day we can wrangle-- early in the month.

Renee Witterstaetter said...

Any time from June 4-June 18th is fine for me. The only bad night would be June 17th.

I'll be hosting a party for Mark Texeira that night at the Society of Illustrators from 6-8.


Steve Buccellato said...

Perhaps it is worth noting that "Wizard World Philadelphia" is the weekend of June 19-21.

Depending on how you look at it, this could be a conflict for that weekend or, perhaps, another reason for out-of-towners (like me) to make our way to the East Coast. Maybe make our way from Philly to NYC on Sunday for a Sunday evening reunion?

Or maybe that's too damned complicated.

Something to consider.

erbrown said...

Complicated? Nothing like an international peace confrence or nothin'...

But this information is good-- confusing but more info is better than less.

Make sure to chuck Tex under the chin for me.

Bucce, isn't Philly like 240 miles from Manhattan? Are you in town for a week?

Steve Buccellato said...

Actually, I have no plans to go to Philly, though I am tempted. I was just throwing it out there. Too much info, I know.

Suffice to say that the weekend of June 19-21 is probably a conflict for some people. Maybe Jim Salicrup's original idea of the weekend of June 6-7 would be best.

But who said MY opinion was so important? I want to hear more from others! Is anyone reading this besides the ten (or so) people who are posting?

Sara Kocher said...

I just learned about this from Peter S. and I'd love to make it to the East Coast for a reunion! I would need time to plan a trip and get tickets and a place to stay, so April/May are no go (not enough time and too many existing commitments). I might be able to make early June, but late June after school is out would be easier. The only time period when I definitely can't make it is July 11-26. And since Eliot asked, I vote for a Friday or Saturday evening, if possible, so out-of-towners like me can fly home on Sunday.

Peter Sanderson said...

Eliot, I think there was a misunderstanding between you and Jim Salicrup re MoCCA's availability. Jim tells me that people can indeed rent MoCCA's museum space for a relatively low fee. Looking back over this blog, it seems that Jim told you that MoCCA was busy in April, but now that it looks like the reunion will be in June, that's not a problem. You could contact MoCCA's president Ellen S. Abramowitz to ask about how much you'd have to pay, or I can ask her myself, if you'd prefer, and get back to you. Maybe they'll give you a better deal than Society of Illustrators would. If you talk to Ellen, you can tell her I support this reunion/tribute.--Peter

erbrown said...

Pete-- let's have a thought experiment here. I call these swell MoCCa people and set a date and a fee. Then you and I, perhaps Don, Carl, Bob 1, Bob 2, the Finger, Marie, Howard, Renee, Larry, Annie, Cath, Sarah, Walt n Weezie and the Bucce show up. Now when the hat is passed, any number floated over a "30" will cause a hole in the shape of an Eliot in a nearby wall...

I see about 30 people so far-- we can do that in a restaurant. If you have a better way of getting a number, lemme know!

Also, who "pays" (curious word that, as it applies here-- I am ready to "pay" for my bus ticket and dinner) for this space? So, the prob is: flat fee, charge per head or a combo? Now my hands are a little shakey around checks-- but I got pretty good at forging DeFalco's name.

erbrown said...

And another thing! There's no "me" in "Me Organizer" -- this isn't my gig-- but NO ONE is moving on this thing. Anyone can-- don't need me!

Daley's got T-Shirt Empire plans with logos and corporate sponsership. But those ideas are lying there like a lox. Nothing's happened.

Renee-- she's got a great idea! It's the Society of Illustrators-- not me-- her. But I love yours, Peter! It's great! Now pick one. And make sure there's some kind of unlimited anybody can come clause in the rental agreement-- and a nice cigar box for everybody's money!

Marie said...

Let's pick two days in June and ask MOCCA if they are are available. Once things get going, this will attract more than 30 people.

NOT the weekend of Wizard World unless it's the Thursday or Sunday night.

Early June is probably good.

Marc Siry said...

I agree with Marie. No one's going to move on it until someone moves on it. Pick a day and a place, spread the word, and people will show.

If we're concerned about cost, we can set up a pre-event PayPal bucket for the split. Easier than chasing people down at the event for their twenty or whatever.

Bill said...

If I can at all make it, I will. I'll spread the word to the recovering Marvelites that I know in Southern California.

Bill Vallely

Bob Camp said...

Sorry I've been out of touch. Really busy!

So far any weekend in early June works for me. MoCCa and Society of Illustrators are good too. I'm easy really.

Let's pick a date. How about the weekend of June 6th?

Hey Eliot, thanks for pushing this forward.

Steve Buccellato said...

Marvel Reunion: An Offer

(Note: I typed this before Bob Camp’s most recent posting tonight, but still want to put this out there)

Hey everyone. I’m posting this here and on the related “Friends of Old Marvel” facebook thread.

Obviously, from my multiple posts, I have been following this topic with interest & enthusiasm. I love the idea of a 1980’s Marvel Reunion. I am, however, worried that it will never happen. Not because of a lack of interest, but because the discussion lacks direction & therefore the ability for decisive action. It is also difficult to follow, with threads here and on facebook, with no easy way to update interested people regarding new comments or questions.

I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes here, but I would like to offer my services (as much as I am able) to “Co-Chair” this event, along with ANYONE ELSE who wants to be involved in the planning and organizing of this Reunion.

Because I live on the West Coast, I’m not exactly sure how much I can do “on the ground” in NYC, but there are many things I can do remotely, to get us started.

First, a dedicated facebook group is probably the best online venue to discuss this. A public blog probably isn’t the best for this kind of planning, and so many of us are already connected on facebook. I can set this up immediately if I get some support. From there we can pin down the date, time, location and whatever else. I’ll do what I can to keep us focused. There are already great ideas posted here, but it doesn’t look like anyone is prepared to take the next step and move on them. We need consensus.

If you are reading this, and are willing to take an ACTIVE part in planning, and want to work WITH me to make the Marvel Reunion a reality, please leave a comment and SAY SO. Otherwise, I will simply be quiet and hope you all can work it out and make it happen, because I’d love to attend.

WHY? I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’ve come to realize that Marvel, specifically during the years of 1985-1989, was kind of like college for me. That’s where I went after graduating from high school, when I couldn’t come up with tuition for Parson’s School of Design. I believe that in some ways, I grew up at 387 Park Avenue South. In my fond memories of the place, I regard my coworkers as my fellow students & professors, and DAMMIT, I want a college reunion!

Let me know if I should bother setting up a forum, and who else wants some of that pesky RESPONSIBILITY!

That’s my offer. Thanks to Bob Camp for providing this space, and to Eliot for sending us here again and again.

Good night. :)