Monday, October 20, 2008

Conan the Destroyer

This is a cover I did for the Conan the Destroyer movie adaptation. Whenever there was a movie adaptation I got work on them because I could do a likeness.
Arnie was fun to draw.


Marco said...

imagine a guy telling you back in 1984:
"see, that the way governor will look like in the years 2000"
I'm sure you would have believed him.
cool drawing:)

Brothergrimm said...

Wow, you ain't kiddin about getting his likeness! Awesome work on that cover.

kris.w said...


maybe you could draw ME like that for a comic book cover sometime. i can hold really still.

chrisallison said...

AWESOME! Haha, you NAILED arnie. Sweet fur too!

Just like Preston Blair and conservative classic cartoons are kinda the foundation for solid cartoony drawing, do you think there is a foundational inking artist?

I feel like I'm just outlining things right now with my ink, rather than implying texture and the fun stuff like that. Is there a core inking artist that I should study before I just start picking apart misc. inking tricks?

Thanks Bob.

Rudy Tenebre, esteemed secretary. said...

Lovely classicism in the Conan, and the Bucky Ruckus and Wood-mouth on the victim in Deth!

Try and get a place in Tribeca today, Bob. It ain't easy.

David DeGrand said...

Freakin' awesome!

Shawn said...

Hooooly jeeez!!!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Marco,

Yeah who would have thought?

Thanks Bro-grimm!

Hi Kris W.

OK come on over and I will draw you.
What comic?

Hi Chris,

Study everybody. I really embraced the best inkers of Conan (In my opinion) at that time. John himself, his brother Sal, Frank Giacioa, Wally Wood had a big influence on me.

Thanks Rudy,

My Trribecca days are done unless I come into a bigg pile o' cash.

Thanks David.

Thanks Shawn.